Just Dance is respected for our competition success and professional performances!  Our reputation is important as well as our professionalism.  It is important that we have parents who are supportive of their children and our program.  If any parents cause problems with students or our staff members, their child will be dismissed from Just Dance.  Discussing issues outside of dance with any of the just dance staff members is not appropriate. Please keep your phone calls and messages within a respectable time.  It is important for us to have the preparation time we need before and after classes.  We truly depend on you to be responsible for respecting our time so we can be our best. 

We have many wonderful opportunities to give our students and our character is most important!  Please be professional in the way you represent Just Dance.  We invite you to be as involved and enjoy our program as much as we do!  Discipline and positive attitude are two important key elements for a program to be successful. Our staff not only teaches "Just Dance" but also valuable life lessons!  We want each student to have a positive experience therefore the following rules will be enforced:

Drop off/Pick-up

When dropping off or picking up your child, DO NOT park in the parking lot closest to the studio door. That area is strictly designated for handicap and ambulance parking ONLY.  Have students arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of their class, this will insure no class time is wasted.  DO NOT PARK or BLOCK the ambulance driveway. 

Please pick up using the parking slots closes to the sidewalks going east and west.  NO students should cross the street.  Small children need to be picked up inside the dance room after class.  Be sure to go over traffic safety with your child and let them know to stay close to the studio until their ride comes to get them.  No student should have to wait more than 15 minutes for their ride.  If any staff member has to wait for students to be picked up after the studio closes, there is a $10 late fee.  PLEASE BE COURTEOUS!


JUST DANCE MEMBERSHIP FEE: A registration fee of $20 per individual, $40 for families is due at time of enrollment for a new season.


TUITION:  Monthly tuition will be billed for on the 1st of each month and is DUE at that time.  Payments will be accepted at the studio in the form of check and cash (request a receipt). If accounts are not brought to $0 by the last day of each month at midnight, your credit card will be charged for the balance plus a $3 processing fee. A $10 late fee will automatically be added to the amount of those accounts with an inactive or declined card.  We DO NOT ACCEPT PAY PAL PAYMENTS as of July 2017.  Check or cash can be brought to the studio and given to a staff member or you can mail payment to PO BOX 403 Ephraim, UT 84627.  If you download the "VENMO" app, you can make your payments using your phone to @JustDance06. 

A $25 returned check fee will be added to all checks returned due to insufficient funds.


Tuition is based on a yearly calendar and pro-rated into equal monthly payments.  Holiday's and breaks have already been considered.  We will not pro-rate absences or refund tuition payment.  We will follow the North Sanpete School District calendar.  If for some reason Just Dance needs to cancel a class due to sickness, family emergency, or death that class will be issued a refund.  


Students are expected to attend their weekly classes.  If your student needs to miss due to sickness, school activity, or family emergency please excuse them by contacting Brittany so you can receive any missed information.


Students (especially competition teams) have a variety of opportunities to perform throughout the year. Participants are expected to be at all performances unless prior arrangements have been made with the director. All dance and cheer students will perform at a Christmas Recital in December and a Spring Recital in May. 


Tumbling students will have an in-class Tumbling Showcase at the end-of year.


Competition Jazz Teams will attend 2-3 required competitions.  Fees vary.  We will keep you posted on our Competition Central page.

Class Observation

Please drop off your student and have a few quiet moments away.  Parents observing class usually just creates distractions.  Siblings, friends, or cousins will not be allowed to attend class with your student.  We want the highest level of growth for each student with limited distractions.  We also recognize that parents are a huge part of their child's extra-curricular growth and being part of class is beneficial so a couple of parent observations throughout the year will be announced!  


ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS, or GUM ALLOWED.  Bottled water may be kept in the students designated shoe bin.  Please have your child eat their meal or snack BEFORE arriving to class.  Snacks may be eaten outside.

Dress Expectations

 Students must always wear proper class attire!  Hair needs to be pulled back from face in either a ponytail or bun. Footundeez, ballet, shoes, tights, and other team gear may be purchased from our online Studio Store (coming soon)!  These items are expensive and easily misplaced.  To help dance shoes last longer please wear street shoes to and from class.  Our team cinch bags are perfect to use!



  • Spanky shorts with leo, tank, or t-shirt

  • Footundeez 


  • No street clothes, wear anything you can move in

  • Dance shoes required for your weekly classes and used for performances


  • Any dance attire, leotard/tights are recommended

  • PINK ballet shoes are required and will be used for performances


  • Street clothes OK, except no jeans--dance attire recommended

  • Athletic shoes (must be clean)


  • Girls:  Leo and spanks, form fitted shirt is optional.

  • Boys:  Basketball shorts, tank or t-shirt

  • Barefoot


  • Spanky shorts with tank or t-shirt

  • White athletic cheer shoes

Costume/Competition Fees

Costumes will be handled by Brittany.  Parents do not need to order anything that is required for costuming.  Brittany will order costumes based on what classes your child is registered for. Costumes and competition fees will be billed to your account on the dates provided on the Monthly Newsletter.  Accounts need to be brought to current and all costumes must be paid for before students can take home.  Once costumes are ordered, refunds cannot be issued. Same for competition fees.  Brittany will register teams to the competitions of our choosing and fees will be billed accordingly. 

Class Rules

1.  Students must always have a great attitude of enthusiasm, dedication, and working well as a team. Students AND parents MUST show respect to students, instructors, and staff in and outside of class. 


2.  Always wear proper class attire.  No jewelry. Use restroom before class!


3.  Always have hair pulled away from face in either a ponytail or bun.


4.  No food/drink.  Never chew gum during class.


5.  Be on time and remain quiet and respectful to the class before and after yours.


6.  No hanging on the ballet barre's.


7.  Shoes and personal belonging must be placed in the personal belongings "bin" and not laying on the sitting bench or scattered throughout the class room.


8.  Respect other's property.  Put your name on all your personal belongings.


9.  Have fun!  Have fun!  Have fun!


10.  All questions and concerns need to be directed to Brittany.

Withdrawal Policy

Students who withdraw early from the 2019-2020 season (for any reason besides moving) will be issued a $30 drop out fee. Students need consistent conditions in order to grow strong.  At Just Dance we also teach the importance of team dedication and not giving up!  If your child is wanting to quit his/her class, please set up a time with Brittany to discuss the situation with your child.

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